About Kommer

About Kommer

Van Kommer has been providing efficient, reliable and safe transport in Western Europe for more than fifty years. But we do more than that. We can store your product in our warehouse until it can be transported and we also take care of the customs formalities if necessary. Transport, storage, packaging and customs. You’ll find it all at Kommer. We have a solution for every logistical problem.

The present

Van Kommer is a genuine family company. The third generation is now at the helm of the organization, strengthened by all the knowledge and experience that the previous generations have passed on to him.

Although a great deal has changed since 1956 on the roads and in terms of legislation and regulations, a lot has nevertheless been retained as it was at Kommer. ‘Flexibility’ and ‘Making it easy for you’ have been the key concepts for our business ever since the family firm was founded. We believe that there is a solution for any logistics problem. We like short lines of communication and a no-nonsense approach, which means we aim for long-term relationships with our customers – and we’ve been doing that for sixty years.

At the same time, we are looking to the future and remaining aware of the environment as we do so. Over recent years, we have managed to reduce our CO2 emissions per kilometre per ton transported by twenty per cent. We are going to continue that downward trend.

The future

We are heading into the future full of confidence, thanks to the solid foundations we have laid down over the years and thanks to our experienced and enthusiastic team, and because the fourth generation is already sometimes looking to take over at the helm.

The past

Willem van Kommer got an offer in 1956 that he didn’t want to refuse. He was able to buy a truck or a barge. He chose the truck and W. van Kommer BV was born. He used his open truck to take animal feed to farmers in the area around Barneveld. That was until he passed the vehicle’s keys on in 1971 to his son Henk van Kommer and son-in-law Gerard van de Bunt. The family company is currently managed by the third generation. That single open truck in 1956 has grown into the fleet of a medium-sized transport company that is run by Wim van Kommer.

Wim van Kommer

What has happened in all those years?

To show you that, we will have to take you back to a time when all bulk transport trucks were box-shaped and invoices were still written by hand. In other words, the past of W. van Kommer BV.

  • Start

    W. van Kommer BV was founded. It had a single open truck, a Scania Vabis Business activity: transporting livestock feed to farmers

  • Cooperating with Trouw

    The open truck was replaced by a newer model. Cooperation started with Trouw in Harderwijk

  • Three open trucks

    Five years after it was founded, W. van Kommer BV had grown into a three-truck company

  • International

    Curtain-siders appeared in the company for the first time and W. van Kommer BV went international, including transports to and from Italy

  • First rectangular tipper truck

    The company acquired its first box tipper (bulk transport vehicle)

  • Silo trailers

    We started using two silo trailers (the next generation of bulk transport vehicles)

  • Nijkerkerveen

    A storage hall was built at Schoolstraat 42 in Nijkerkerveen

  • Bulking

    We started bulking operations (putting the contents of sacks and Big Bags into a silo trailer) in Nijkerkerveen

  • Shifting focus

    The focus of the operational activities was shifted to Western Europe

  • Expansion of the vehicle fleet

    From this point on, there was strong growth in the numbers of trucks and trailers

  • First ADR hopper truck

    We started using our first ADR hopper truck

  • Relocation

    Van Kommer BV moved to Ambachtsweg 24 in Barneveld

  • Kommer Customs B.V

    Van Kommer Customs BV started up. From that point on, we have also been arranging customs formalities

  • Kommer Forwarding B.V.

    Van Kommer Forwarding is introduced.

  • Expansion of warehouse

    Expansion of warehouse with more than 16,000 m2 at Hanzeweg 7 in Barneveld. This space is listed as the largest industrial hall available in the municipality.

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